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How VigLink Optimize Works to Maximize Your Conversion Potential

How VigLink Optimize Works to Maximize Your Conversion Potential

If you’re familiar with e-commerce shopping, you know that many sites offer the same products. Savvy shoppers often compare 2-3 big merchant sites to determine the best place to purchase the items they need: shipping times, overall cost (product + shipping), and if the store offers any promo codes to sweeten the deal. Rather than have publishers research every possible outlet to link the product you want to promote, VigLink Optimize does the heavy lifting for you.When you insert an affiliate link on your site, VigLink Optimize will automatically analyze the placement to make sure it’s linking to the best possible destination for that product. The algorithm weighs factors like conversion rate for that merchant and commission rates to make sure you’re getting as much money as possible from each sale. If the system determines there’s a better source for that traffic to be directed, the link will automatically redirect with no work or coding on your end. A month later, if a new merchant page is determined to be a better traffic source, the link will optimize again, as many times as there is a better traffic source.What You Need to Know:-To enable link optimization, make sure the “Optimize Links” box is checked under settings > convert in your publisher dashboard.-The algorithm is smart enough to know not to change hyperlinks that have specific brands mentioned, but it may direct a visitor to the local version of a website to help with geo-targeting i.e. instead of can turn link optimization on or off for each campaign you have running.-You can blacklist specific merchants you never want to link to by emailing

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