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3 Ways to Earn More with VigLink

3 Ways to Earn More with VigLink

VigLink’s goal has always been to “transform your content into a thriving e-commerce business.” From the time of article ideation to creation and promotion, our software can be your secret weapon to success at all stages of the conversion funnel. Whether that’s making you more conscious of trending products at the time of authoring or affiliating links you may have missed in a recently published post, we’re here to be the champions in your corner providing tips and tools to maximize your earning potential. Here’s a quick summary of a few ways you can use VigLink’s suite of affiliate products to create a successful passive income stream.Take Advantage of All Tools At Your DisposalConvert and Insert are specifically designed to maximize your profits. If you miss a potential sales opportunity by forgetting to hyperlink a branded product or merchant mention, the system can automatically insert an affiliate link for you.If you already have an affiliate link inserted, our intelligent software can check if there’s a higher converting merchant offering the identical product. If so, the system can automatically redirect that link to optimize your sales potential. Both these tools are easy to implement with the click of a button and completely free.Earn on AnywhereDon’t limit your affiliate links to your blog. Learn how to monetize your social media channels by wrapping any link with affiliate code through our one-click browser extension. There is no limit to the creative placements you can come up with on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.Refer a FriendVigLink is all about sharing the wealth. When you refer a fellow publisher to our network, you’ll earn 35% of their commission for the entire first year. That means you get a cut of everything they make simply by spreading the love. The best part? There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer so you can watch the money roll in.

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