Travel Trends: State of Travel Affiliate Marketing Report

Travel Trends: State of Travel Affiliate Marketing Report

With more than 40% of consumer travel bookings occurring online or on mobile devices, it comes as no surprise that travel affiliate programs rank among the top five leading affiliate niches. But in such a popular and rapidly growing industry, are there opportunities for both well-established publishers and newcomers? How do successful publishers drive traffic to their site? Travelpayouts travel affiliate program and Alexandra Tachalova set out to answer these questions and more in their study of the current state of the travel affiliate marketing. As an expert in the affiliate industry, VigLink’s CEO Oliver Roup was interviewed to weigh in on the issue. Here we discuss some of the key findings:

  • Newly launched affiliate web content projects need to publish approximately 15 articles per month. TravelPayouts’ findings show that publishing this many posts will help you start generating at least 2,000 visitors in a period of 12 months.
  • receives more than 20,000 visitors on a monthly basis from, a VigLink publisher, which happens to be among top six traffic-generating sources.
  • The large number of users coming from YouTube confirms the importance of video content as a general trend. has over 17,000 visitors from YouTube, and they have a very well-maintained channel.
  • A small number of affiliate sites are focused on local markets, which seem to be an overlooked opportunity. For instance, the Spanish-speaking travel market is the biggest in the world. Recently, the Hispanic community was identified as the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population, spending $5.66 billion annually on travel.

“We see readers closely engage with our publishers’ unique content. Readers look to the influential publishers they trust most to be the experts whose advice they rely on to make product purchase decisions. This unique bridge between consumer and a publisher’s content supports the trusted relationship consumers need before completing a purchase. The result is a high-conversion environment that is tough to recreate without that bond of trust between both parties.” -Oliver Roup

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