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VigLink a Featured Partner in Cloudflare Apps Platform Launch

VigLink a Featured Partner in Cloudflare Apps Platform Launch

We’re proud to be a featured launch partner in the Cloudflare Apps platform, which will introduce more 6 million users to VigLink’s affiliate marketing solutions. With today’s launch of the app platform, the VigLink application joins the ranks of other top developers like Twitter, Pinterest, Zendesk, and Spotify. We’re excited to be working with a company whose vision aligns with our own — as the leading Internet performance and security company, Cloudflare seeks to empower publishers by bringing visitors content more securely and reliably than before. Through its Apps Platform, Cloudflare is taking the next step in expanding its global network by enabling website owners to easily install developer services in their own Internet applications. “VigLink has always focused on empowering publishers, and the launch of Cloudflare Apps is a watershed moment,” said Oliver Roup, CEO and founder of VigLink. “Incremental publisher revenue is delivered without compromising user experience, now a single click away from more than 6 million of the web’s savviest publishers. A better Internet isn’t just faster and safer, it’s more lucrative too.” What is Cloudflare?Seeking to build a better Internet, Cloudflare is a service that optimizes web performance by protecting sites from online threats and rendering pages as fast and efficiently as possible. They serve more web traffic than Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Instagram, Bing, and Wikipedia combined and have thousands of servers in 115 locations globally. Installing Cloudflare on your site enables it to run more securely and reliably, and it works seamlessly with VigLink. How will this affect current VigLink users?Your readers will have more reliable and secure access to your content! If you have already installed VigLink through our website, there’s no need for reinstallation of the VigLink application through Cloudflare. We recommend installing Cloudflare to help your site run faster and more securely, but you won’t need take additional action to continue earning through VigLink.

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