Twitter Promotion Restrictions & Guidelines

Twitter Promotion Restrictions & Guidelines

We’re thrilled to offer our new signups a way to instantly get to their first commission! For a limited time when a new user signs up, they’re given the option to tweet their referral link and @VigLink for $4.Sample tweet:Signed up w. @VigLink to earn ???? effortlessly by promoting products I love. You can too, sign up free here: [Insert Referral URL here]There are a few restrictions that apply. Please see them outlined below:

  • Your Twitter account must be more than a month old.
  • You must have at least 50 followers on Twitter. 
  • Limit one tweet per account. 

Please be advised that it will take us up to a week to verify your tweet. Your $4 payment will be rolled up into your next scheduled payment from VigLink. Don’t forget, VigLink has a $10 minimum payout so you’ll need to generate sales in order to get paid. For tips on generating commissions- read premium publishers’ success stories!Merchants want to get their brands in front of influential publishers like yourself. We anticipate many more opportunities to earn outside your traditional affiliate earnings as time goes on. We look forward to generating you more revenue!

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