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New Product Launch: Payment Console + Revised Payment Terms

New Product Launch: Payment Console + Revised Payment Terms

We have been listening, and we’ve heard your requests for a payment console that makes it clear what you’ve earned, what you’ve been paid, and what and when you will be paid next.  Along with this change the first thing we’ve rolled out a payment console that answers these questions.  We look forward to your feedback.  See the new payment console here!As you know, VigLink works with 80k+ merchants and an ever-expanding list of almost 200 global affiliate networks to maximize the commissions we pay our publishers.  We take pride in paying publishers as  quickly as possible; however, we are seeing slowing merchant payments affect the entire affiliate industry. Merchants are paying VigLink more slowly , on average, and in response we are being forced to change our own payment schedule.  VigLink will delay the payment of November 2017 earnings for 30 days to move from a 60-day to a 90-day schedule.  Historically these earnings would have been  paid at the end of January; now they will be paid at the end of February.  This represents a one-time shift in the payment schedule, after which you will continue receiving payment every 30 days. We want to give ample notice and time to plan for the change and so   will also be sending three monthly email reminders, one following each of the next three months’ payments, before the switch.We know you depend on the revenue you earn through VigLink and n that sometimes you may need payment in 60 days. To help  we will be offering the ability to elect for accelerated payments straight from your dashboard before the payment switch is reflected at the end of January.  Because we will be loaning commission earnings to publishers before we have received them ourselves, there will be a 3% early-payment processing fee associated with this election.We regret that we are in a position to have to shift to a 90 day payment schedule, but we will continue to pay you as quickly as we get paid .  We’re excited to be launching a payment console to make clear what and when you will be paid, as well as the flexibility to elect for accelerated payments.Please see our comprehensive list of FAQS here! 

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