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We Revamped Our Dashboard Design!

We Revamped Our Dashboard Design!

We just released a revamped the design of our publisher dashboard for greater ease of use! Don’t worry, we didn’t overhaul the functionality. However, for  those who aren’t familiar with the dashboard, we’ve created a post to remind you of all the ways it empowers our publishers!

  • Filter by device type
    • A drop down allows you to segment performance by desktop, mobile, or tablet to better understand the origin of your traffic.
  • Search and filter reports
    • Sort the results by clicking the up-and-down arrows, or type the criteria you want to filter by, e.g. merchant name.  To search multiple values simply add || (or) / && (and). For example, if you’d like to search Zappos or Macy’s, simply type “Zappos || Macys” into the filter box. To see a range of numbers—for example, clicks greater than 200, but less than 1000—you would type in >200 && <1000.
  • Evaluate Data For Custom Date Ranges
    • The default date range in your dashboard is the last 30 days. However, this is easily customized by clicking on Custom Range and choosing a preset option or selecting a custom date range. To see the exact amount of revenue you earned for a given day, simply hover over the graph.
  • Use Additional Tabs To Learn Even More
    • Aside from just revenue, which is the default setting, you can click on the tabs “EPC”, “Affiliated Clicks” “Gross Sales” “CTR” and “Pageviews” for a breakdown of data sorted by these important metrics.
  • Download Graphs & Generate CSVs
    • Once you’ve selected the filters you want, you can download a graph, print a chart, and/or generate a CSV.

Common questions about the VigLink Dashboard from those getting started include:

  1. When will my purchases show up in the Dashboard?
    • Purchases, page views, and clicks will all hit your dashboard at a different time. Page views typically populate within a few hours, while clicks show up after two days. Purchases generally take between five and ten days to appear.
  2. How can I see the merchandise I’ve sold?
    • When in the main page of the dashboard, scroll down to the bottom box where it says “Revenue by Merchant” in the upper left corner. This is where you can filter how you view your revenue information. On the right hand side of that box, you’ll see a list of options: Merchant, Link, Page, Merchandise. By clicking “Merchandise” you can see name of the item sold, the merchant that provided the product, actions, the amount of the sale, and the revenue generated from it.
  3. How can I see my sales by day?
    • When on the main page of the dashboard, directly below the boxes that tell you your revenue, EPC, clicks, etc., you’ll see a box that says “Revenue by Day” in the upper left hand corner. On the upper right hand side of that same box, you’ll see the options: Revenue, EPC, Clicks, Sales, etc. Click on the “Sales” link and you’ll see the selected information.
  4. How do I know which pages on my site are performing well?
    • To gauge how successful the pages on your site are performing, use the CTR (click-through rate) tab in the top block of the main dashboard page. This will populate a graph directly below that shows which page is driving the highest CTR.
  5. Why do I have page views but no clicks?
    • Your account is probably still “pending” on our side. When you sign up with VigLink, your account must be verified and approved before you can start earning revenue. The approval process is done by our Network Quality department. We have this process in order to keep ensure publishers fall within our code of conduct. Affiliated clicks and revenue will not start tracking in your dashboard until your campaign is approved. Once approved, however, you’ll no longer be “pending” and you’ll see those clicks populating in your dashboard. The approval process can vary from a few days to a week depending on the number of queued new accounts. We appreciate your patience. For more information on this, please visit the VigLink blog.
  6. What are the dotted lines on the far right of the timeline?
    • The lines at the end of your timeline indicate purchases that have occurred but not yet been reported. You’ll see this turn into real data (page views, purchases, clicks, etc.) as it becomes available.
  7. Why am I still “pending” with a merchant?
    • Beyond VigLink’s own terms of service, our merchants have additional terms that are separate and oftentimes different. Some merchants’ terms are more exclusive than others and the time frame for approval varies from brand to brand. Until the merchant accepts or rejects your request, you won’t get a ton of information or insight from them. For more information about increasing your chances of merchant approval, please visit this blog post.


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