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New and Improved: We’ve updated our Xenforo Plugin!

New and Improved: We’ve updated our Xenforo Plugin!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently updated our plugin for publishers using Xenforo 1.X and 2.X! Based on popular feedback, our newest update allows forum users greater control.Implementing our products, VigLink Convert and Insert, is a handy way for publishers to earn revenue from their influence! VigLink Convert transforms ordinary product links into monetized hyperlinks while our one-of-a-kind Insert technology turns your content’s unlinked product mentions, old and new, into monetized links. By linking them to the highest-bidding retailer in our programmatic auction, we ensure that your potential revenue is maximized. Aside from being able to install Convert and Insert with one click, we’ve added the option for forum owners to enable or disable VigLink products for different user groups. To create the most optimal user experience, you can utilize the plugin in several different ways:

  • You have control over the products that are enabled for each user group. For example, you can run Insert for guests but only Convert for registered members.
  • If a forum member is part of multiple groups like Sponsored or Registered, the user group with more restrictive permissions will be used.
  • VigLink Convert and Insert can be disabled for forum members that have paid memberships.

Screenshot of Showing option to disable VigLink by user groupAs evidenced by the plugin’s 5-star rating, forum users have already starting utilizing the plugin: “We run VigLink on our Audizine.com forum pages which consist of user-generated content. VigLink Insert scrolls the page and turns product mentions into links that are auctioned to the highest bidding merchant. We display these links only to non-members and still receive an impressive revenue stream from the partnership.” You can download the plugin here. As always, we welcome all feedback.

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