We have preliminary Publisher Roundtable feedback!

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Our second ever Publisher Roundtable is currently live and focusing on monetization. Although the survey is still ongoing, we’ve gotten some preliminary feedback that we’re eager to share with you!

This interview was designed to provide insights into our industry. and after analyzing the feedback we realize just how effectively Publisher Roundtable is succeeding. One thing we focus heavily on in the survey is the user experience of ad networks- currently trending as the top tactic of monetization. As of right now, we have determined that when choosing a network, publishers are most focused on finding the one with the highest quality of traffic. Additionally, it’s the general consensus that when choosing an ad network, publishers should test it for 1.5 months before engaging long term.

Another interesting point from the interview is out of 3 monetization methods- content targeted ads, affiliate networks, and brand sponsorship, content targeted ads are being used most frequently. Content targeted ads are also the monetization method that is generating the highest percentage of revenue for publishers. Consider the previous information and one might assume that publishers are therefore most satisfied with content targeted ads, but that isn’t the case. In fact, publishers are most satisfied with brand sponsorships.

It’s important to note the discrepancy here which begs the question: if people are most satisfied with brand sponsorships, why aren’t they using them more often? It’s not because they don’t want to, it’s that they don’t know how to do so effectively. The majority of publishers (40%) who took the survey graded themselves a C at monetization with around half of them stating that monetization is harder than they expected. It’s important that information be accessible to publishers so they can learn how to monetize their content effectively without having to disrupt the user experience with other means of monetization such as content targeted banner ads.  That’s where tools such as publisher roundtable come into play. We hope you utilize the series of interviews to gain intelligible insights into your monetization strategy!

Written by Hanna Fritzinger

VigLink has a Pinterest!

VigLink Pinterest

Back in April Bradley Taylor wrote a blog post for us highlighting four ways to promote your personal or professional site using Pinterest. We took his valuable advice and have officially joined the Pinterest community! VigLink Pinterest will showcase some of the unique personalities of our team  you wouldn’t normally get the chance to see. We are following some of the useful tips Bradley suggested…

  1. Discover the Pinterest Community
  2. Generate original, thought-provoking content
  3. Unite all of your current social networks
  4. Piggyback popular pins!

Pinterest already has a special sector of their site called Pinterest for Business which is dedicated solely to professional sites and certainly worth checking out. The tagline for this service is, “get discovered by millions of people looking for things to plan, buy and do”. As of right now the best way you can do this is by following the four tips highlighted above, but not for long! They have just announced that they are gearing up to launch “Promoted Pins” which will expand business’ reach via Pinterest. Although this new technology has yet to be implemented, you can fill out a form on their website for priority access. Pinterest is already a wildly powerful tool if used well (people who are referred to a site from Pinterest spend 70% more), and it’s influence is only going to continue to grow with time and new advances. Is your company on Pinterest yet?    

Written by Hanna Fritzinger

Want to know how other publishers monetize?

Publisher Roundtable can help!

pub roundtable

We are very excited to announce the second Publisher Roundtable interview, and you’re invited! Publisher Roundtable is designed to provide insights that will help you grow your website in an effective manner. This is achieved by giving publishers the ability to make well-informed business and marketing decisions based off of information collected from those who participate in each of the quarterly interviews.

This Publisher Roundtable interview is focused on an aspect of  marketing that everyone can relate to- monetization. Who wouldn’t want to know how to get a few extra $$ into their bank account each month? After the publishers have completed the short survey, information will be anonymously aggregated, analyzed, and packaged into a helpful “Tips” report exclusively for members. In the report you will be able to compare your specific answers with those of all the other participants. This will help you understand what changes you can make to your online strategy that will help build your business.

Publisher Roundtable was founded on the idea that marketing insights should be collaborative, simple, and free. We are achieving that goal by keeping the surveys short and to the point. That being said, the amount of information that will be collected will be vast and invaluable. Data often comes at a steep price, but participation is all that is required as it is our mission to keep this a completely free service.

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Written by Hanna Fritzinger