Publisher Showcase: Indulgy

Indulgy is one of our coveted publishers. Their mission is to be the creator of your perfect world. They do that through a pinboard site that presents users with the best possible images through a, “special algorithm that combines human subjectivity and technology certainty”. This is what sets them apart from their main competitor, Pinterest. Founder, Eugene Strokin, was kind enough to lend us his time and  provide us with a first-hand account of the ins and outs of Indulgy.


How did you get into creating a pinboard site?

I was inspired to start the site three years ago when my wife was submitting pictures to a pinboard styled site called I noticed the massive amounts of traffic driven by this site and thought to myself, why just food? I went on to build a pinboard site where people could post and share pictures of anything they were passionate about and visualize their perfect world.

What is your mission, specifically what are you trying to accomplish?

I am trying to build a site where people can come and be visually inspired. This isn’t a site where people come to interact with one another; in fact people don’t have to talk to each other at all. People come here to look at beautiful pictures, and in that respect our site falls somewhere between Pinterest and Tumblr. We constantly work to find the best content and present it to our users.

What kind of connection do you have with your user and what’s some of the feedback you receive?

Although we don’t often communicate with our users directly on our site, we do receive a lot of feedback from them. We have two types of users, those who stop by the site consistently and those who come and go. Both of these groups provide us with different types of feedback and we aim to give them the best experience when they visit Indulgy.

What are you looking forward to in the future, how will your focus shift?

We are currently working hard to monetize our site, one we do that is through VigLink. Another option we are considering is the implementation of a shopping cart directly to our site. This is appealing to us because it gives us more control when the user stays on our site to make a purchase. Although we haven’t gotten that far, we know we will stay true to our native advertising roots. Since our primarily focus is aesthetics and quality content, we would never compromise that by having intrusive ads on our site.

What value do you deliver your customer by showcasing certain brands?

We only collaborate with the most elite brands that are visually pleasing to our audience. Again, since everything is visual on our site we don’t want to compromise that by working with brands that don’t uphold our standard. Once we have identified which brands are good partners for us we offer to showcase them on our site if they are willing to give us a commission increase. However, like I stated earlier we wouldn’t promote anything that isn’t relevant to our audience.

How does the shift to mobile consumption affect your strategy?

Over half of our traffic is mobile. That being said, we recognize the importance of optimizing our site for mobile and have done so accordingly.  Looking to the future we would like to design an app for our site but that takes resources that we haven’t quite yet acquired.  

 Written by Hanna Fritzinger

FarFetch: Shop the World’s Best Boutiques – All in One Place


Farfetch is an online marketplace that unites the most influential fashion boutiques around the world in one, easy-to-shop website.

With more than 2,000 carefully curated brands across womenswear, menswear and lifestyle from 258 boutiques in 22 countries, this brand, creates a truly global shopping experience.


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Furthermore! Farfetch have now launched a ‘Global Free Shipping’ event which will run for the next seven days.

T&C’S: Free Global Shipping: 9am (GMT) Tuesday 22nd October – 9am (GMT) Tuesday 29th October. On full price orders over £100/€118/US$160. Max shipping discount £40/€47/US$64. Free shipping is automatically applied at checkout.


London’s Finest

London has always been a leader in fashion but it is about to become the leader in progressive shopping thanks to LN-CC ( Late Night Chameleon Cafe). Who have created a shop that ‘acts as an evolving platform of curated ideas’ and covers all the latest must haves in men’s and women’s fashion as well as music and books.

The ‘store’, if it really can be reduced to such a mundane label, also has four individual product rooms, a library, a record store, a gallery and even offers a club space for after hour enjoyment equipped with a vintage soundsystem.

It is a London fashion dream and although you are only able to be visited the store by appointment the whole LN-CC experience can be accessed through their online site. And, even better news for all of you who want to follow the must-have-fashion collections of LN -CC they have  just increased their commission for VigLink users.