Mobile Lessons Learned at AM Days 2015


Two weeks ago Oliver Roup, our founder and CEO, presented at the AM Days 2015 conference in San Francisco and discussed, “Content Driving Sales in a Cross-Device World.”

Affiliate Management Days (AM Days) is a leading conference for affiliate managers and marketers responsible for their company’s affiliate marketing strategy, management and operations. Oliver discussed how publishers and merchants can drive revenue across all digital platforms from desktop to mobile to social media.

In early 2014 internet usage on mobile devices surpassed desktop usage for the first time.  Oliver shared a comScore report that found more than half of all time spent on a retailer’s website is done so from a mobile device. As the industry advances, it’s clear that marketers need to think mobile-first. However, reading content and shopping on mobile devices isn’t always an easy experience. Oliver shared the following best practices in order to take advantage of the increasing mobile audience:

  • Mobile storefronts— ensure consumers have a user-friendly shopping experience on their mobile devices
  • Mobile apps— both publishers and merchants are beginning to develop their own mobile apps because that’s where consumers are engaging with content
  • Social media— Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Facebook and now Snapchat are important places to connect with consumers
  • Monetized links in content— publishers can earn revenue from the merchants they share about and merchants can tap into this highly influential market

VigLink works to connect merchants and influencers with consumers for the best ecommerce experience.

Do you have any other tips to share? If so, let us know in the comments section below or tweet us @VigLink!

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VigLink to Host SF Text Meetup 2/10

SF Text Meetup Graphic

The inaugural San Francisco Text Meetup is scheduled to take place at the VigLink offices Tuesday, February 10th at 6:45 PM. VigLinkers Adam Pingel, Katrin Tomanek and Gabor Melli are teaming up with Alexy Khrabrov of Nitro as hosts. They were inspired to start this meetup after realizing most meet-ups tend to be technology oriented, yet so many companies are building text related products.

The San Francisco Text Meetup will provide as a social venue to bring this group of people together to discuss best practices and so much more. When asked what he was most looking forward to, Adam Pingel stated, “I’ve meet many of these people online but never had the chance to physically connect with them. I’m really looking forward to properly meeting some of the key figures in the text community.”

Alexy is a founder of Scala By the Bay which was sponsored by VigLink, and is currently leading the process of planning Text by the Bay. The SF Text Meetup will be a preview of what’s the come at the conference which is scheduled to take place in April. Adam described the uniqueness of this meetup as it blends the academic community and industrial users. The evening will include mingling, pitches from the audience, and a presentation by Adam Pingel, John Rampton from Due, Katrin Tomanek and Gabor Melli. Grant Ingersoll, CTO of Lucidworks, will close the meetup with an overview of the current status of the most trusted open-source SOLR in the world.

If you’re unable to attend, you can watch it here after the event! We look forward to seeing you Tuesday!

Written by Hanna Fritzinger

This Week In Tech: SFCMGR Visits Prezi!


We love SFCMGR, and not just because our very own Lucy Bartlett is a co-organizer. It’s a wonderful group of people who come together once a month to discuss the ins and outs of online community. This month’s event was held at the San Francisco Prezi Office.  They provided four wonderful speakers, all who have different backgrounds within Prezi, but work toward the common goal of creating an online community of happy Prezilians.

Jana Hanavan, Prezi’s mood coordinator, opened up the series of presentations with some background on the organization, thus setting the stage for Ashley Whitlatch, the 8th U.S. employee who developed and launched Prezi’s successful college ambassador program. She informed the audience of 5 tips to build a community of college ambassadors. They are- focus on those who love you, help them set their own goals, provide feedback, listen to their ideas, and provide useful takeaways.

When looking for people who are passionate about your product, find those who already actively support you. Once they’ve become an ambassador, it’s important not to set stringent goals for them, but rather collaborate to decide what you’re working towards. After all, an ambassador knows their peers better than anyone else, that’s why they’ve been selected. The college ambassador program wouldn’t have been beneficial to anyone if it simply included passing out fliers. Prezi encourages ambassadors to create online groups and A/B test new products, both enriching the experience of its ambassadors as well as the community they’re present in.

Zsofi Goreczky was once upon a time what Prezi calls a Champion, someone incredibly active in the Prezi community answering other’s questions and sharing best practices.  A few months after becoming a Champion, Prezi asked her to officially join their team. She’s now the Operations Manager for Support. Zsofi explained the importance of the Championship program and other methods that encourage peer-to-peer support. Although acknowledging these key factors of building a supportive community, she also stressed the strong influence of support reps, promoting good answers, monitoring frequent questions to modify content pieces accordingly, and archiving out-dated issues. The combination of Prezi employees and Prezilians supporting the community has proven to be the most effective way to support their online community.

The last to take the stage was Prezi’s Social Media Coordinator,Susannah Shattuck who helps to manage Prezi’s global community across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and beyond! When she first started at Prezi her main focus was to get as many “likes” and “followers” as possible but soon realized that didn’t result in engagement. Rather, a smaller, targeted audience creates higher interaction amongst followers. To best amplify your company’s voice and convert users into advocates, Susannah suggests meeting your audience where they are, listening to what they have to say, and empowering them to share their stories. If you are able to successfully follow these three tactics you will drive traffic to your website, which is critically important when trying to explain the ROI of social media.

We hope all that attended this month’s SFCMGR meeting learned as much as we did! It was wonderful to hear about community from three different departments of the Prezi team. We hope you’ll join us next month for another round of networking and insightful talks from industry leaders. Stay tuned!

Check out the great Prezi they made for SFCMGR!

Written by Hanna Fritzinger

Our afternoon at Larkin Street Youth Services



We had a wonderful time volunteering at the Larkin Street Youth Services center yesterday afternoon. When we arrived we were greeted by their incredible Manager of Volunteers & Community Relations, Jessie, who gave us an introduction to the center and told us more about the wonderful work they do to help San Francisco’s most vulnerable youth. Not only is Larkin Street Youth Services in it’s 30th year of operation but it has evolved from a single drop-in center into 25 youth programs housed across 15 different sites. The center is set to continue to grow as they move into a larger space and have greater ability to serve an even more youth and engage them in various programs.

Our team helped by cooking lunch, organizing the clothing donation closet, and making hygiene kits.  It was wonderful to speak with some of the teens and share about ourselves and what we do. We found it truly rewarding to be amongst people who are doing such important good within our community. If you want to learn more about Larkin Street Youth Services and all of amazing things they are doing take a look at their website!

Written by Hanna Fritzinger

[You’re Invited] April SF Blog Club Meetup

Next week on Tuesday 4/17 is our April San Francisco Blog Club Meetup!  This month Murray Newlands, professional blogger and owner of Influence People, will be talking about video and YouTube for businesses and bloggers. We touched on video on a broad level in our February meetup, but didn’t have a lot of time to dig deep into the details. Murray will be walking us through:

  • The reasons video can enhance your blog content, and why they can be an important component of your content creation / content marketing strategy
  • Different types of video content
  • How to drive traffic from a video to your site
  • How to optimize videos for YouTube to get additional views and traffic
  • How to get other sites to post your videos
  • How bigger video channels work including, and cable TV

As always, there will be free drinks, pizza — and lots of time for networking and sharing tips. Space will be limited, but you can reserve a spot for FREE here.

Welcome | 7:00pm – 7:05pm 

Talk by Murray | 7:05pm – 7:30pm

Drinks & Networking | 7:30pm – 8:30pm 

For those of you that haven’t met Murray, here’s a bit on his background…

Murray Newlands is an author, journalist, speaker and online TV host. He runs an international media agency, Influence People, based in downtown San Francisco, and has a proven track record of consistently delivering desired results to his clients.

You can see some of his videos herehere, and here.

A Recap of LinkShare Symposium West

This post is a short recap by Erin Mead, Affiliate Manager at VigLink, of LinkShare Symposium West. 

Last week I had the pleasure of heading out to San Francisco for LinkShare Symposium West — the event is hosted by LinkShare as a way to bring the organization’s merchants, publishers, agencies and team together.  Not only was it a great opportunity to skip out on the chilly Chicago weather for a few days, but as I’ve mentioned in the past, these types of events are a great opportunity to stay connected with our top merchants and strengthen relationships with new ones.  I was also able to meet with our LinkShare account manager in-person for the first time.  It is amazing how a face-to-face meeting really helps build the relationship.

Though the event is just a couple of days, it is packed with great sessions and amazing keynote speakers.  Not to mention a multitude of meetings!  I’m excited about what the coming months hold with each of the merchants I sat down with and finding innovative ways to grow our partnership with each.

The event wound-down with a cocktail hour at The Tonga Room. It was my first time at the venue and I really enjoyed it.  I will definitely be telling my friends to stop by for a drink the next time they are in town!

All together it was a great week! I’m already looking forward to next time —

Erin Mead | Affiliate Manager | VigLink

Announcing ForumCon 2012: San Francisco June 12

It’s nearing that time of year again! We are pleased to announce that ForumCon 2012 will be held in San Francisco, CA on Tuesday June 12, 2012.

ForumCon is your opportunity to connect with the world’s leading forum and community managers. At past events representatives from Internet Brands, Vertical Scope, VW Vortex, phpBB, eBay, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Boardreader, Groupon and other experts in the forum space were in attendance.

What You’ll Learn

ForumCon is an annual one-day event dedicated to sharing tips, tools and best practices for managing, growing, and monetizing your forum.  The day will be anchored by keynote presentations from industry experts, but will also feature panel discussions and breakout sessions on content monetization, advertising, SEO and community management, allowing for a high degree of interaction and collaboration.

Where We’re Meeting (And How to Register!)

We’ll be meeting at the Kubuki Hotel in downtown San Francisco. Immediately following the event we’ll be hosting a complimentary cocktail hour at a nearby restaurant.

If you’ll be flying into town your airport options include San Francisco (SFO) andOakland (OAK).

If you register before the end of February, tickets are just $69.  Click here to reserve your spot!

See you in San Francisco!

[Jan Blog Club Meetup] How to Increase your Email Subscriptions

Happy New Year bloggers — we are looking forward to our first meetup of 2012 for the San Francisco Blog Club!  This month Lydia Sugarman, President of Venntive, will be discussing how bloggers can grow and monetize their email subscription list.

As always, there will be free drinks, pizza — and lots of time for networking and sharing tips.

The Details

When | January 17, 2012 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where | VigLink SF Offices in SOMA

Here’s a little bit about Lydia, our speaker for the evening…

Lydia Sugarman is president at Venntive, a groundbreaking, comprehensive customer engagement platform that is replacing the traditional model of multiple applications that require integration for a complete overview.

Ms. Sugarman, an experienced sales and marketing professional, has been helping clients from start-ups to Fortune 10 financial services companies to build awareness in the online space for more than fifteen years. Prior to that she marketed and sold syndicated television programming, negotiated IP rights internationally, produced art exhibits in Moscow and New York, and worked as a producer and 1st assistant director in independent films and music videos.   Offline, she avidly pursues cycling, swimming, hiking, reading history, great food, and great wine.

Register here, space will be limited!