VigLink Has Acquired LinkSmart

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LinkSmart Transition to VigLink

On November 25th, VigLink acquired LinkSmart. The primary motivation behind this acquisition was VigLink and LinkSmart’s shared vision of making every link intelligent and valuable. LinkSmart customers now have access to the VigLink platform and can immediately benefit from new revenue opportunities while still upholding high user experience standards. Learn more about the acquisition here.

If you have a LinkSmart account you can claim your new VigLink account using your LinkSmart GUID. Click here to claim your VigLink account. This will allow administration to settings and linking configuration controls.


Q:  Why did this acquisition happen?
A:  At VigLink, our vision is to improve the web by making every link intelligent and valuable. We saw a similar vision at LinkSmart and realized a great opportunity by combining our operations.
Q:  How does the acquisition benefit me?
A:  Through this effort, your business can benefit in several ways:
  • Access to a network of high-quality brands and merchants with top negotiated rates for traffic generated by your site or app
  • Support from VigLink’s industry-leading account management team who are deeply skilled in monetization and user experience strategies
  • Increased monetization with automated link insertion that can be auctioned real-time in our exchange
Q:  What does it mean to “claim my account”?
A:  To ensure VigLink’s network quality, we have a simple process that entails a few additional steps to validate a publisher’s right to account ownership. To expedite this process, we have created a unique registration experience for LinkSmart customers when claiming their account.
Q:  I already have a VigLink account, what do I need to do?
A:  Great! There is no action needed on your part.
Q:  What if I want to opt-out from receiving a VigLink account?
A:  There are two easy ways to opt-out of your VigLink account.
  • Email your opt-out request, along with your LinkSmart GUID to
  • Remove the LinkSmart javascript from your site.
Q:  Where do I go for help?
A:   There are multiple sources of assistance to help with your questions.
  • FAQ’s accessed through our corporate website here.
  • A knowledge base of technical support information here.
  • An email address for any specific questions, you cannot find an answer -

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