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Commission Rates
  • 12.00% International Student Identification Sale
  • 12.00% Travel Insurance Sale
  • 6.00% Hotel
  • $6.00 Flight
  • $6.00 Private Airfare Sale
  • $6.00 Published Airfare Sale
Countries Accepted
  • Global

STA Travel

Affiliate Program
STA Travel is the global leader in student travel, with 35 years of providing amazing travel experiences to our customers. We strongly believe that travel is the best education - there is nothing like it to open the eyes, minds and hearts. Our customers travel for fun, adventure, education and the experiences they get along the way. STA Travelers relish the journey more than the destination, and they want to learn something from the people and places they visit. Our target market is defined not by age, but by attitude. We have found that more people, not just students, want authentic, real value travel options. We enjoy enormous buying power with the world’s top airlines, hotel, tour and rail companies. In addition to great flight deals for all, we offer exclusive airfare discounts to students & travelers under 30.
Domain Program Approval Open

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