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Petrushka Studio

Affiliate Program
My name is Bosmat and all the bags and jewelry that you see here are designs by me, at my home studio in Tel aviv. I opened my business in 2014. At first I designed only bags. I love creating styles with interesting textures, and modern fabrics. All my products are vegan friendly, and my main focus in all my designs are practical and unique, My two main inspirations for my designs are art deco and urban architecture patterns. This combination creates a special look of modern bag with a little touch of vintage bag. I'm very crafty, and when I started my business I sewed all the bags myself from scratch, but very quickly I was missing something and I wanted to complete my client's look also with jewelries, so I went back to the jewelry table, which I neglected for few years, and began to design jewelries that I thought will go well with my bags.
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