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Tristin is an online clothing boutique focused on bringing you affordable, fashionable, cruelty-free apparel. Our mission to the change the way we shop by never using products made from animals. A percentage of all profits are donated to animal rescue and rights charities. Tristin is family-owned; founded in Dallas, TX. It is the result of a little girl's dream and a woman's terrifying (but exciting!) leap to make it happen. I never could quite rationalize the risk, then we adopted our amazing puppy. She created a domino affect in my life and opened my eyes (and heart, and wallet, and time, and everything else!) to all the animals out there suffering everyday. That's when it clicked and I saw how I could blend these two passions into one and make a difference. I am so thankful to have you be a part of this journey with us and I am so excited to see the impact we can have! xoxo, Team Tristin
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