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Camille's Closet

Affiliate Program
Camille’s Closet, your sweetheart brand, creates feminine-chic accessories, fashion and lifestyle merchandise for women. Starting out as an e-commerce retailer, owner Aaren Camille found it hard to source merchandise that consistently fit the appeal and aesthetic of the Camille's Closet shopper. In 2013, she released Camille's Closet Nail Colour, a non-toxic nail polish line. The line became the official nail polish sponsor for the Zimmermann S14 collection show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York. With the success of the nail colour release, it only made sense to relaunch Camille's Closet as an independent brand with products designed in house to ensure clients shopping needs were being met. By utilizing Aaren's design and business degree, she was able to design, develop, and manufacture a premiere line of vegan leather accessory products.
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