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  • United States

SMD Cosmetics

Affiliate Program
SMD Cosmetics is a cosmetic company based in Korea with over 20 years of experience producing top quality, all natural, and safe skin care. SMD uses advanced and unique technology to give natural beauty. Since its establishment in 1995, Saimdang Cosmetics (known as SMD Cosmetics in the U.S.) has developed at a rapid pace through the implementation of numerous changes and reforms. It has exerted extreme efforts towards the development of high-quality cosmetics that will promote the achievement of ideal skin for women based on traditional oriental medical science. Saimdang Cosmetics is now experiencing growth as a representative company of herb based cosmetics by making the best use of natural materials and advanced technology. About Skin Beauty Research Institute: There are some 50 types of oriental medicinal materials, which have been frequently used for our life. Herbal doctors have treated patients with several hundreds of different prescriptions made by combining these 50 kinds of oriental medicinal substances. The secret of the best oriental medicines lies not in the combination of many kinds of materials or use of peculiar medicines, but in the delicacy of the combination theory of materials. Based on natural materials, wisdom, and advanced technology, SMD Cosmetics Technology Research Center is developing the potential power of traditional science.
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