The platform where commercial clicks are priced, bought, and sold.

Measure and Expand your Influence

The VigLink dashboard allows you to view performance metrics that are most important to your content strategy and gives you insight into how to exponentially grow your profits.

  • Learn what content is popular, which articles resonate, and what drives purchase
  • Discover where your audience goes after leaving your site or app
  • Compare performance across multiple properties and channels


“VigLink is a great monetization tool for us because it enables us to earn additional revenue and provides insight without any extra overhead. With access to their APIs, integrating their technology with our site required no effort on our part.”

Riley & Grey

a real-time auction for
enthusiast consumer traffic.

The VigLink Exchange allows us to optimize the value of traffic you generate from your site by finding the highest bidding merchant to direct audiences to at a given point in time.


VigLink’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology automatically recognizes valuable keywords and topics in a publishers content. This gives us the ability to find high quality product mentions resulting in more clicks, sales, and revenue.

“We’ve developed state-of-the-art statistical models to recognize product related mentions and categorize the various topics on each page. This allows us to automatically link and relink content.” –

Gabor Melli, Chief Scientist


The Merchant Explorer provides you with easy access to important details about each one of our 40,000 merchants including commission rates, payment method (cost-per-click or cost-per-acquisition), the countries they accept traffic from, and affiliation status.

VigLink has tools that make monetizing my site simple and easy. The Merchant Explorer helps me research and plan for new content and the Anywhere Bookmarklet is the perfect way to efficiently create that content.

Reichel Broussard, CopyCatChic



VigLink offers many APIs to help improve your business strategy. The capabilities of these APIs vary:

  • The Rest API allows you to affiliate without installing our javascript on your page, a functionality great for mobile apps.
  • The CUID Reporting API which allows you to see sales derived from a given click.


The sophisticated NLP technology that powers Insert and Convert can also deliver unique insights into which products are talked about, purchased, or abandoned for millions SKUs at over 60,000 merchants. Use your commerce data to strengthen targeting strategies, deliver higher results, and increase your advertising returns.

We’re thrilled to provide publishers with product-level data and audience segments that are derived directly from their content. This will enable them in making their advertising campaigns hyper-targeted & extremely relevant for their audience as well as deliver better value for their advertiser partners.

Prakash Chandra, VP Engineering @ VigLink