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Transform existing product links into valuable marketing traffic.

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How it Work Convert

The content you create is fueling a marketing channel that doesn’t need an ad. Harness that potential by adding a line of code to your site allowing VigLink Convert to automatically monetize existing commercial links. Earn from your influence with the resulting click or sale.

Key Features

Safe, simple and immediate revenue

Safe, simple, and immediate revenue

Follow a three-step registration and verification process. Simply implement a single line of code and clicks on existing product links will immediately start earning revenue.

Extensive brand and merchant relationships

Extensive brand and merchant relationships

Thousands of brands and merchants recognize the value and scale of traffic delivered from the VigLink publisher network. These positive results translate into VigLink industry-leading commission rates and CPC’s.

Real-time optimization through VigLink Exchange

Real-time optimization through the VigLink Exchange

There are numerous merchants and brands that desire to be the destination of your site or app’s clicked links. By opting into the VigLink Exchange your Convert links can earn substantially higher yield through real-time auctions.

Unique insight to audience behavior

Unique insight to audience behavior beyond your page

VigLink’s Publisher Dashboard reports several metrics of audience activity once they’ve left your page. Learn which merchants and products are of highest interest to your audience.

Benefit from the full VigLink solution

There’s even greater, additional opportunity available to build upon VigLink Convert.

VigLink Insert


Automate the identification and creation of the most valuable marketing links within your content.

VigLink Anywhere


Expand your influence beyond owned sites and apps with monetized links that can be shared over third party platforms.

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