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Automate the creation of the most powerful form of content marketing, the hyperlink.

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Your content is more valuable than you may realize. Spend more time creating your unique content, and let us take care of the rest. VigLink Insert identifies commercial linking opportunities from your content and transforms text into links on your behalf. With this real-time technology we are able to determine the most valuable marketing potential of your content.

Key Features

Optimize revenue through advanced algorithms

Optimize revenue through advanced algorithms

Real-time technology identifies the most valuable commercial keywords based upon current market demand. As a result, every link automatically inserted holds the most value at any specific time.

Remove non-value ad operational costs

Remove non-value add operational costs

Manual link insertion requires extensive resources. Leveraging Insert’s automated capabilities not only eliminates these costly resources, but alleviates detrimental user experience flaws such as unresolvable product links.

Protect brand with strict network quality controls

Protect brand with strict network quality controls

Configure your user experience guidelines to control how Insert’s algorithms will operate. Define policies for allowable link destinations, the maximum number of links inserted, and minimum space between them.

Benefit from the full VigLink solution

There’s even greater, additional opportunity available to build upon VigLink Insert.

VigLink Convert


Turn your content’s existing commercial product links into marketing revenue.

VigLink Anywhere


Expand your consumer marketing influence beyond owned sites and apps with tailored links that can be shared on third party platforms.

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