Capture purchase intent through Sovrn //Commerce's network of influencers

Joining our multi-channel network seamlessly connects you to more than 2 million industry leading publishers. As a Sovrn //Commerce merchant, you’ll be able to effortlessly harness our publishers’ influence.

Increase ROI while driving sales and clicks.

Our monetization tools are designed to capture purchase intent with no disruption to user experience.

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//Commerce Convert

Programmatically win your competitors’ traffic and drive more sales. With more than 87,000 publishers opted into our Optimize feature, Sovrn //Commerce technology automatically reroutes product links and send users to the exact same product at retailers with the strongest commission.

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//Commerce Insert

Insert transforms the unlinked product mentions in publishers’ content into monetized links. Win the traffic for a given keyword or product within influential content by bidding a competitive rate. Even if publishers haven’t manually linked to your site, participating in our programmatic auction means you can be the destination for every desired term.

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The Sovrn //Commerce platform provides a scalable solution and quality transactions across key categories for the eBay marketplace.

Additional opportunities for exposure

Whether you want to position your brand for higher exposure or be featured in the content of our premium publishers, Sovrn //Commerce, formerly VigLink, can help you get the word out.

Preferred Partner Program

Preferred Partner Program

Influence through Sovrn //Commerce marketing.

Simply increase your commission rate by 25% to become part of this ROI-stable investment channel. No additional integration is needed and your increased rate will reach Sovrn //Commerce publishers through blog posts and email campaigns.

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Customization and Reporting

Exclusive rates to premium publishers

As publishers have thousands of merchants to choose from when linking to products, providing a higher commission rate to our high value content partners will allow your brand to gain higher visibility by millions of shoppers monthly.

Merchant Dashboard

Use the Sovrn //Commerce Merchant Dashboard to understand the performance metrics that are most important to your marketing strategy. View all the traffic drivers to your program anytime in our user-friendly, self-service interface.

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