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Merchant online advertising

With VigLink, merchants are able to effortlessly harness the aggregate power of the industry’s leading influencer network of over 2M sites and apps. Join our quality multichannel network to receive traffic at scale.

Whatever your needs, VigLink can address them for optimal performance.



Whatever your commission structure (CPA, CPC, etc.), win high-intent clicks from VigLink’s 2 million+ publishers.



Whether you want to position your brand for higher exposure, or get premium placement for your promotions on one of our premium publisher’s websites, VigLink can help you get the word out.

Bulls Eye Target


Growing your brand’s sales with VigLink is as easy as collaborating with our team who will guide you through the best ways to get more exposure, incremental links and harness the power of VigLink’s product suite.


CPC: Be the destination of high-intent clicks

With millions of competitive clicks running through our network, CPC campaigns give merchants the ability to win traffic over their competitors. Maintain a higher ROI than other channels such as search.

CPA: Drive incremental clicks at large volumes

Access 100% incremental traffic, beat the competition and get your products featured in enthusiasts’ communities by leveraging VigLink’s programmatic influence.

CPL: Access a targeted lead funnel across industries

VigLink has got the Leads! Allow VigLink to fill your leads pipeline in your Cost Per Lead model with millions of publishers covering all industry verticals.

CPI: Harness high converting App Install traffic

As App's go mainstream, utilize VigLink to achieve your Cost Per Install goals by promoting your App to our millions of tech influencers.

phone showing VigLink's ability to monetize merchants

“The Viglink platform provides a scalable solution and quality transactions across key categories for the eBay marketplace.”


VigLink Preferred Partner Program

Preferred Partner Program

Influence through VigLink marketing

Simply increase your commission rate by 25% to become part of this ROI stable investment channel. No additional integration is needed and your increased rate will reach VigLink publishers through blog posts and email campaigns.


Dedicated Account Management

Develop custom programs to fit your needs.

VigLink’s advertiser development team is here to assist you every step of the way from onboarding to optimization.

Open QuoteWe collaborated with VigLink to increase our website traffic from targeted and high-quality content publishers. We decided to implement a CPC bid campaign within the VigLink Exchange, targeting competitive traffic through links that were inserted on influential publishers’ pages. During a two-month timeframe, VigLink increased clicks to TireBuyer by over 565% year over year.

Merchant Dashboard

See all the traffic drivers to your program in a self-service interface anytime. This is a built-in benefit of our Preferred Partner Program.

Merchant Dashboard