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The Outclick

Question: Is Google killing or saving the newspaper?For 15 years we’ve been training webmasters to think in pageviews. How many do you have? What are they worth? How can you get more? The fact that nobody can agree on the answer to that question is a symptom of the fact that the pageview does not tell the whole story.Chris Dixon (of whom we’re big fans) has an awesome recent blog post: “Why Content Sites are Getting Ripped Off”He cites one of his readers Tim Ogilvie defining the difference between “intent generators” and “intent harvesters” and makes the basic point that only the harvesters get paid and that this is a problem that publishers need to correct. He’s absolutely right and he says it more cleanly than anyone I’ve seen so far. I’m going to be pointing my customers to his blog.As a publisher, I want to know:

  • Where am I sending my users?
  • More importantly, what are they doing once they get there?
  • How much value is that driving?
  • How can I claim some of that value for the traffic I’m providing?

Every time a click leaves a publishers site, value is being created. We call this event “the outclick”. Publishers should be able to claim some of that value. But how do you measure it? How do you “claim” it? These are the problems VigLink will address. Exciting times…

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