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Refer a Publisher, Earn 10%

You already know that VigLink has over 12,500 merchants in our affiliate program database. Well we’ve just added one more: Ourselves!If you refer a fellow publisher to VigLink, you will earn a referral fee equal to 10% of their earnings for the first year. Their earnings will not be affected.So if you find VigLink valuable, please, tell your friends. Our customers know how much time and energy it can save, and how effortless it is to make money from the content they’re already writing. Help us spread the word and you will share in the success of the publishers you refer.Naturally, any link you create on a site with VigLink installed is automatically active in the referral program. Go ahead and write a blog post and link to viglink.com, and VigLink does the rest. If anyone clicks that link, signs up, and generates revenue, you will get a bonus of 10% of that revenue. If you want to promote us on twitter, facebook, or somewhere that is not your site use the link provided on the Account tab. Those signups and earnings will also be tracked.UPDATE: Check out the easiest way to participate in the referral program, and disclose your affiliate relationships at the same time. VigLink Disclosure Badges!As always, if you have thoughts, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us at support@viglink.com.Galen ThompsonRelationship Manager, VigLink

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