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Real Time Advertising – Do you know your revenue per mille?

Niel Robertson, VigLink Board Member and CEO of Trada, posted an essay yesterday offering some of his thoughts on the future of online advertising. Any publisher looking to take their revenue strategy to the next level should read it.In his post, Niel points out that television advertising is successful because of predictable aggregated demand. But online, that predictability doesn’t exist. Online it is all about responding in real time with content, not an expensive creative like you would see on television. There are tremendous tools for publishers, like Trada and One Riot, to drive traffic to the great content they are creating. Trada crowd-sources the expertise of experienced PPC practitioners to give you the ability to create optimized PPC campaigns that would otherwise require you to hire a team of experts. But a dilema still exists, how much should you pay for that traffic? Niel suggests that content producers need to think of two things when considering this dilema, optimizing for CPM advertising revenue and monetizing the content itself. The sum of these, or the total revenue you receive from 1,000 page views (RPM, Revenue per Mille) will allow you to determine how much you can pay per click to bring visitors to your site.VigLink and Trada are all about giving publisher the tools and information they need to optimize their site and content to succeed in this fast-pace exciting landscape. Be sure to read Niel’s post, and don’t forget to check out Trada and learn how you bring in traffic like the pros, but for much less.Galen Thompson
Relationship Manager, VigLink

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