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Sovrn Customer Highlight: AVS Forum

*Update* 12-15-2010 Added link to our link insertion partner, Atma Links.With a history going back more than 10 years, VigLink customer AVSForum.com is the largest community of its kind. More than 2.2 million unique visitors each month frequent the more than 70 sections on the site that offer information and support for all things Audio-Visual. We’ve all met the person that waxes eloquent on Blu-Ray, has strong opinions on plasma vs. LCD TVs, and even knows what OLED stands for. Well, that person is likely to be found on AVSForum.com, which benefits from this kind of consumer passion to the tune of 15-20 million page views per month.AVSForum.com (AVSF) is run by Rochester, NY-based AVSForum.com, Inc. They began working with Driving Revenue (acquired by VigLink in August) two years ago. The forums began as a hobby, a labor of love really, for David Bott and others.However, as is often the case, this labor of love had real costs. By providing a platform for a community with highly specific interests to interact, AVSF was creating real value for their users. That community was also creating huge amounts of value for merchants. People were connecting, sharing ideas and new toys. Most importantly, they were sharing links. However, AVSF had no way to capture that value until David met Ray and Jack from Driving Revenue.Banner ads have low yield, and many users have been trained to ignore them. But links shared by fellow forum members are relevant, and actually add value to the user experience. Since Driving Revenue and AVSForum started working together, automatic link affiliation has become the main income source for the forum.Recently, VigLink doubled that revenue when we began beta testing a new product that inserts affiliate links on relevant keywords on AVSForum. We have partnered with Atma Links to offer our customers link insertion. We have chosen to work with Atma due the quality matches they return, only matching actual product references with links to a specific product page. Check out an example on AVSForum. Our link insertion product is available with, or without, the small pop-up. Email us for more information.David Bott said this about working with VigLink, “From the first day we started with VigLink, we have never looked back, or elsewhere, for real time commission link management. They continue to innovate and help us monetize our content.” David embodies what we know to be true, Publishers create tremendous value for merchants every day, sending valuable traffic and conversions. We are thrilled to continue to work with AVSForum, and others like them, to help online Publishers realize the value they create and get compensated for their excellent content.Galen Thompson
Relationships Manager, VigLink

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