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A Sneak Peak at the New Blogger

Last night Chang Kim, product manager at Blogger, stopped by SF’s monthly blog meetup to show off the new look of Blogger and chat about what the future of blogging looks like from his perspective (more like Quora, less like what you see today).If you’re interested, you can check out a preview of some of the new ways to structure content within Blogger here and read their blog post about the changes here.  While the standard reverse chronological options are still there, you’ll notice lots of new ones (you can use the menu in the top right corner to flip through different ones — e.g. “Flipcard” “Mosaic” “Snapshot”).If you are currently using the Blogger platform, tell us what you think: do you like the new changes? Could you see yourself using any of the new options?  If you aren’t using Blogger, would you consider switching over based on these changes?We’re looking forward to the next meetup and hope to see you there!

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