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From Fashion Blogger to Fashion Designer

We just heard some amazing news: Shauna Miller, the brain child of budget-fashion blog Penny Chic, will be launching her own line of clothing on Walmart.com. Women’s Wear Daily just broke the story and you can read all about it here.Penny ChicWe’re huge fans of Penny Chic. She’s a model for not just building a strong blogging business (after all, she monetizes with VigLink), but a model for turning your passion into your career.Here are three lessons any blogger can learn from Shauna Miller:

  1. Find your niche
    Shauna’s niche is fashion on a budget. She proves that you actually can look good without falling victim to the almighty label by shopping stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart. That’s a new, unique, and controversial take on fashion. Most of all, it fills a real need; after all, just because a niche is narrow doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to lots of people.
  2. Go beyond the blog
    Shauna’s taken Penny Chic beyond her blog and extended to other properties, like YouTube. As Shauna tell us, “My blog is great for inspiration and showing my readers how to pull pieces together into a cohesive outfit. It will always be the meat and potatoes behind my brand. But, for some reason, the way products are personified in video (even when I’m simply pulling clothes off of a rack) seems to connect to something deeper in the consumer.” It could be a book, a video series, a pod cast,  or speaking at an event. Or all of the above. The point is to find more and more channels to connect with your audience. The best blogs become more than just a blog, they become a brand.
  3. Don’t go it alone
    Shauna knows that there are others out there who can help broaden her audience (just visit her press page for examples). Of course, having a presence on Walmart.com also helps, and as Shauna says, “[I] am looking to other YouTube channels, other than my own, as a source of support to help push sales for the line.” With a little creativity, partnerships can take everyone further.

Shauna was recently interviewed on “Making it in America” on CNN Headline News (HLN). Here’s that interview:

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