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Customer Success Series: Pocket-Lint

Pocket-Lint is the largest independent gadget reviews and news site in the UK. Trusted by consumers everywhere for honest reviews and fresh perspective, Pocket_Lint is also known for its no-nonsense writing and refreshingly easy to understand technical writing. In the world of contentious, long and overly jargon-y gadget reviews, Pocket-Lint stands out. The authors say they review a product using three simple questions:1. Does it make my life better?2. Does it work?3. Has it got wow factor?After switching from a competitor’s program to VigLink, Pocket-lint saw their revenue double as a result of VigLink’s CPC campaigns, as well as the accuracy of VigLink’s Natural Language Processing Technology. Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 3.47.28 PM 

“VigLink Insert allows us to solely focus on writing the highest quality content without the distraction of adding product links. The dashboard also provides us with insights into the content and products that resonate with our readers.”   Stuart Miles, Pocket-Lint

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