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Customer Success: RideApart

Customer Success: RideApart

Happy Monday! And yes! That is a big man on a little bike, found on the RideApart website alongside this awesome article. RideApart has become the default destination to learn about all things two wheeled: motorcycles, dirt bikes, and, as they say, “even scooters.” The site celebrates not just the bikes but the gear, events and other aspects of motorcycle culture that make owning a bike so fun. There is a rich background for motorcycle racing both in America and internationally and RideApart captures not only this spirit but also makes thinking about all aspects of getting into motorcycles more accessible to those of us who might be entirely unfamiliar. We especially appreciated their gift guides recently (check out the Everyday Carry section in the hipsters gift guide for some of our favorite selections) and enjoyed the random facts from the Top 10 of Top 10 Motorcycles. Of course there is always 8 Signs You’re a Biker Noob to put us back in our rookie place. As RideApart founder Jon Alain Guzik says: “VigLink convert is a great tool for us as it doesn’t alter user experience and adds no operational overhead. At the same time, it provides us with an additional revenue stream and insight into where our audience goes when they leave our site.”We love what RideApart has done to create relevant, fun and interesting news for their industry while still maintaining their reputation as the authority for all things bikes. Below, one of our favorite movies from the site featuring the famous Pikes Peak climb with one of the winners giving commentary of the GoPro video he shot. Are we running off to do this? Not exactly. But is it awesome? Yes! Totally.


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