Best of Social Media This Year

Looking for some inspiration for your social media this spring? Go no further than this year’s Shorty Awards nominees, covering the best and the brightest of social media on every platform. Among our favorites are Tom the Tiger from the Tampa Airport, Love Has No Labels, Target’s Wonderpacks, and of course Kanye Doing Things. No matter what you need for inspiration, its bound to be somewhere in the hundreds of awesome nominees, split by platform, brand, individual, subject matter and pretty much every other possible classification possible. The Shorty Awards site also includes a brief from each nominee and finalist that gives the results of campaigns and has unique insight into growth numbers and other data points that could provide a helpful comparison and baseline for your own goals.

The Shorties nominate both individuals as well as brands, so some of the most creative and best work of agencies across platforms is highlighted. We loved the nominees and finalists in best physical & digital, best integrated campaign, and best multi platform campaign, each showcasing creativity as seen through various touch points and for multiple audiences. Inspiration abounds!

No matter what, the Weird category is, of course, worth a peek.


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