Educational Series, Part 4: Success Secrets from Premium Publishers

Signed up for VigLink? Check. Installed the JavaScript? Check. Customized your settings and delved into your dashboard? Double check!

Set yourself up for even more success by taking a page or two from a few of our top publishers’ playbooks:

1. Set links to open in new tabs or windows:

CNET spends a lot of time crafting quality editorial content to help their readers be informed consumers. By setting their links to open in a new tab, their readers can easily return to the article—and are likelier to stay on the site and click through to additional products.

2. Group multiple merchant deals into a single post:

SHEfinds is brilliant at grouping together exciting, can’t-miss deals from popular merchants into a single post. In addition to highlighting discounts, SHEfinds arms readers with current coupon codes so that they are equipped with everything they need to splurge on the spot!

3. Cultivate a presence on social media:

Design Milk diligently monitors their social media handles, opting for 1-3 concise, compelling posts per day—which drives extra traffic to their site. Being highly engaged on social media has resulted in 1.32M followers on Twitter and 1.1M followers on Instagram!

Craving even more publisher tips? We’re posting one new tip every week this year as part of our ongoing 52 Tips series! From photo lighting, to SEO, to content creation, we’re here to make your site a star!

Design Milk

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By identifying commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, VigLink automatically invigorates those terms by transforming them into revenue generating hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions.