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Exciting Upgrades to the VigLink Publisher Dashboard!

Exciting Upgrades to the VigLink Publisher Dashboard!

At VigLink, we understand that your time and resources are valuable. When we rolled out an updated version of the VigLink Publisher Dashboard last year, our goal was to empower you with tools and insights to more easily understand your campaign’s performance at a glance. Today, we’re excited to announce the first in a series of Dashboard updates to give you even more control of your data, and a greater understanding of your users’ habits and preferences. Over the next week we will be rolling out a release that will allow you to:

  • Compare performance over time
      • The comparison is always adjacent to the time period selected. If you select this month from the drop down, the comparisons will be for last month. The last 7 days would be compared to the previous 7 days and so on.
  • Filter by device type
      • A dropdown allows you to segment performance by desktop, mobile, or tablet to better understand the origin of your traffic.
  • Search and filter reports
    • Sort the results by clicking the up-and-down arrows, or type the criteria you want to filter by, e.g. merchant name.  To search multiple values simply add || (or) / && (and). For example, if you’d like to search Zappos or Macy’s, simply type “Zappos || Macys” into the filter box. To see a range of numbers—for example, clicks greater than 200, but less than 1000—you would type in >200 && <1000.

In addition to these powerful new features, the Dashboard is now powered by four Reporting APIs that you can access to harness that data for your business needs.This is all part of a larger initiative to let VigLink’s powerful tools do the work for you so you can get back to running your business, creating content, and living your passion.

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