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Terms of Service
1. Allstate legal must approve any content written about Allstate, featuring Allstate or
mentioning Allstate for your site prior to posting. Please send any content you wish to
feature to your account manager to be passed along for review
a. Failure to do so will result in program termination and/or forfeited commissions

2. Email – Social Media – Incentivized Traffic
3. Allstate’s Safe Driving Bonus Checks are a reward for safe driving. Rewards vary from
driver to driver. Safe Driving Bonus Checks are not a means of additional income or “a
way to make money”
4. Logo format is dependent on the size of the space the logo is being placed on site
a. If the space is square, please use the logo titled:
i. Secondary_Logo_Stacked_DarkBeacon
b. If the space is rectangular, please use the logo titled:
i. Primary_Logo_Hor_Tagline_Dark_Beacon
c. If the space is small and the “You’re In Good Hands” tagline is not legible, please
use the logo without the tagline titled:
i. Secondary_Logo_Stacked_DarkBeacon_No Tag (square)
ii. Primary_Logo_Hor_No Tag_Dark_Beacon (rectangle)