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Commission Rates
  • 4.00% - 10.00% commission on all goods
Countries Accepted
  • Global

Affiliate Program
At FitFlop we create the world’s most addictive ergonomic sandals, shoes, sneakers and boots, delivering an unbeatable combination of biomechanics, comfort and fashion. Introducing a new global brand campaign, “#forsuperwomen”, featuring Uma Thurman, believing the empowerment of women can begin with a great foundation, the brand’s aim is to give women the strength and confidence to go further. Stylish and strong: #forsuperwomen #fitflop. We have had an unbelievable few years of growth and are very excited to work with new partners. As a Global fashion footwear brand we work with a variety of top fashion partners such as Vogue, Instyle, Harper’s Bazaar, and more!
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