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Terms of Service
Promotions and Paid Search Policy:

NIKE prohibits the use of any NIKE promotional codes or coupons that are not made available through VigLink, as well as any modification to any creative available through VigLink. Affiliates must use the creative/promotions available to them through VigLink.

At any time, NIKE reserves the right to require the affiliate to edit or remove promotional messaging if the messaging is deemed by NIKE to be misleading or an exaggeration of NIKE's intended offer.

NIKE requires the affiliate to adhere to NIKE brand guidelines by using only official product names, taglines and brand names with proper formatting in all affiliate promotional messaging (i.e. NIKEiD, Nike+, Nike+ FuelBand, etc.).

Affiliate agrees not to bid on the NIKE name and on any NIKE trademarks or any common misspelling or confusingly similar trademarks, on any pay-for-placement search engines, including, but not limited to:, (overture),, and Affiliate also agrees to not utilize, advertise or otherwise promote, any NIKE terms in the headline or description copy associated with pay-for-placement search engines or in meta-tags, keywords, page titles or paid search engine advertising.

The following phrases and terms are considered examples of NIKE trademarked terms:

nike .com
nike com
nike town
niketown .com
niketown com
nike +
nike id
nike shoes
nike sneakers
nike store
nike discounts
nike coupons
nike clearance
nike gear

If you are currently using any of these trademarks or the word nike in any search engine positioning technique, please end this practice immediately otherwise we will be forced to terminate your affiliation with NIKE.

Purchases of gift cards, or made with gift cards, are not eligible for commissions.

The use of downloadable software is prohibited.

Nike will not partner with publisher who operate link shortening services.

Nike will not partner with publisher who operate search engines.