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"And last fall it launched the VigLink Exchange, which creates a competitive bidding process among merchants — the one who’s offering the biggest payment to the publisher should get the link. The advantage to publishers is obvious, while founder and CEO Oliver Roup said it also gives merchants 'the ability to pay more to get more traffic.'"

Anthony Ha, TechCrunch

"For example, if a blogger mentions a product, brand or store, they don't have to worry about linking it themselves: VigLink will take care of that with its link insertion technology, which optimizes for both user experience and revenue."

Leyl Master Black, Mashable

"Calling the link 'the original native ad,' Oliver Roup, Founder and CEO of VigLink views his platform as making the most of this 'defining feature of the Internet. Links engage readers and drive tremendous value to their target. That value has never been market priced until now.'”

John Rampton, for Forbes