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Revant Optics

Affiliate Program
Have you ever scratched the lenses in your Oakley sunglasses? Maybe those black factory lenses weren’t quite what you wanted - or you needed a different lens tint for a specific activity - like polarized lenses for fishing or vented lenses for biking? Revant offers high quality, aftermarket replacement lenses for popular Oakley and Ray-Ban sunglasses at an incredibly affordable price. We are the #1 aftermarket replacement lens provider, and our site-wide 5%+ conversion rate shows it! Whether you’re looking to customize your frames with an exciting new MirrorShield™ lens color, or you’re simply looking to replace worn-out lenses, we’ve got you covered! All Revant lenses provide enhanced protection from harmful UV light and pass all ANSI impact resistance tests. We also pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and an unparalleled 365 day product guarantee. Experience confidence and high sell-through by entering this fast growing market with exciting and affordable Revant replacement lenses. We stand behind our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with a 1 year Warranty, Free U.S. shipping and free returns on all orders.
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