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Embracing the Social Publishing Shift With the Link

Editor's Note: Josh Jaffe is the VP of Business Development at VigLink. As a former journalist, there is no better person to tell the story of the intersection between consumers, digital media publishers and advertisers. This article is adapted from a popular talk he often gives at conferences when asked to speak about VigLink's business today. Find him at @joshjaffe or   The digital media industry is grappling with two big shifts. One of those changes began ten years…
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Customer Success Series: TBlake

Entrepreneur and sneaker collector Tyler Blake has made a name for himself as a tastemaker, collector and information hub in the frenzied world of sneakers.…

Ad Blockers on iOS

As you’ve probably heard by now, Apple’s new OS allows for ad blocking extensions: consumers (at first) cheered, media companies protested, and then…
Lueneburg, Germany - June 8th, 2012: Tykho Rubber Radio isolated. Designed 1997 by Marc Berthier for French brand Lexon the waterproof radio is in the design collection of The Museum of Modern Art.

Customer Success Series: DesignMilk

DesignMilk started with a townhouse that needed a couch and has grown into one of the most loved contemporary design blogs on the internet. Says founder…
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Takeaways for Every Marketer

Didn’t get to go to Dreamforce this year? Not to worry. Sr Marketing Manager Marianne Lontoc attended the annual Salesforce event in San Francisco held…
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Get Ready for the Holiday Season!

The changing seasons bring excellent topics for engaging content and sizable opportunities for earning. With each holiday comes this year’s “must-haves”,…


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