AdTech: A Reminder that this is Never a Dull Business

Erin here, I just got back from Ad:Tech SF last week and while the memories are still fresh I thought I’d share my takeaways. This was my first time attending and I had a blast! I met with some great people, and had some amazing conversations about affiliate marketing, changes for the future, cloud technology, and how the internet tax law is affecting other companies.

I had the opportunity to attend a few speaking sessions and really enjoyed Guy Kawasaki and Jeffery Cole. Both are powerful speakers and entertaining to listen to. Between sessions I took in the Expo floor. This was a bit of a mad house (to say the least) but great to walk around and see everyone’s booths. I tried to stop at every booth that had something that you could win — still keeping my fingers crossed for a few of the prizes.

In the evening I took in a few of the cocktail parties and the awards ceremony. But, the highlight was definitely the Marketers Ball where Too Short and Digital Underground performed. I had never heard either and they were a nice close to my Ad:Tech experience and reassurance that affiliate marketing is never a dull business!

Until next year…

Erin Mead | Affiliate Manager | VigLink



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