California Affiliates: We Need your Help

California affiliates: we need your help.  The California state assembly will be considering legislation that includes an affiliate nexus tax in the coming weeks.  We need to get the word out that this tax is not good for small businesses in California.If it passed more than 25,000 small businesses would be impacted: forced to absorb a drop in profit, lay off workers, or locate out of state.You can help by sending the California state assembly a letter letting them know that you oppose the legislation.  The website 25,000 Businesses at Risk has created an extremely easy way to send one.Send a Letter HereWhen you click on the link there is a ‘blank box’ above the body of the letter. Feel free to use it to describe your business. For example:  I am XXXXX XXXXX and I am an ‘Affiliate Marketer or Employer’  that ‘insert type of site or business’ and number of employees if applicable. The rest is pretty straight forward.Thank you for your support and please be sure to tell all California Affiliate Marketers to get involved! 

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