An Overview of the Affiliate Nexus Tax Bills in CA

At last night’s Affiliate Summit meetup we were lucky enough to hear from Lisa Picarille.  She gave a great comprehensive overview of what is happening in the state of California in regards to the affiliate nexus tax, as well as how merchants and publishers can get involved.Rather than pick and choose which pieces to share we decided to post the presentation in it’s entirety below.  This issue is so important — if you are an affiliate in the state of California and unsure what exactly is happening take 10 minutes to flip threw her slides to get up-to-speed.  She shares a few easy ways to get involved, including sending an email to the California legislature that takes all of two minutes.While the affiliate nexus tax isn’t the most glamorous topic we’re glad Lisa took the time out to help educate the group about what’s at stake.  Looking forward to next time!

Anna Cunningham | Social Media Manager | VigLink

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