How to Add to Even the Savviest of Monetization Strategies

Lots of people opt to use VigLink because they don’t want to deal with the tedious, time consuming, and potentially error prone process of affiliating links on their own, but VigLink can help even the savviest of affiliate marketers earn some extra cash each month.Oliver Roup, VigLink founder and CEO, touched on how the service can augment an expert affiliate marketer’s monetization strategy in this week’s Affiliate Voices Podcast.  In essence, VigLink helps publishers of all skill sets and schedules participate in affiliate marketing.  Many opt to rely on VigLink exclusively to affiliate links, but quite a few use VigLink even though they’ve already done some work affiliating links on their site.Because VigLink doesn’t interfere with existing affiliating links it can be used as a way to ensure comprehensive merchant coverage — perhaps you missed a few links or opted not to bother signing up for a few affiliate programs or networks.  Using VigLink to fill in the gaps and collect revenue from just the merchants and links you might have missed means extra money in your pocket each month and no impact on your current monetization strategy.Check out the podcast to learn more and catch the conversation in it’s entirety.  Click here to learn more about the Affiliate Voices Podcast series.

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