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At last week’s San Francisco Blog Club meetup, Oliver Starr, Chief Evangelist at Pearltrees, introduced us to the content curation continuum (snapshot below) and shared a few of the key reasons why content curation can prove to be an extremely valuable tool for bloggers.If you are a blogger looking to “increase your authority and expand your influence”: listen up.Without a doubt, the internet can be a messy place.  There is more information out there than any one person can reasonably consume in their lifetime.  Bloggers that are able to effectively make sense of the wealth of information available to “content consumers” (by curating content), will forever be appreciated by their current readers and quickly attract new ones (they will also never be at a loss for new content).So, what’s curation?  Oliver shared this definition:“Curation: the selection of, care for, and presentation of the objects entered into a collection.”He was quick to point out that content curation is not aggregation. A blogger that dumps others’ content into their site is not curating content, they are reposting content.  Content curation requires thoughtful work — but the end result is something far more meaningful and valuable than any of it’s pieces alone.An example of content curation that came to my mind as Oliver was speaking was brought up at a recent SF Ad Publishers Meetup.  The owner of FunCheap SF was answering an attendees question and mentioned a post he had done centered around 4th of July events in the bay area.  He had essentially scoured the web for each and every 4th of July event in the bay area and shared the list in it’s entirety on his blog.  It performed extremely well: quite a few large news sites linked into his post (and if you Google “fireworks San Francisco” it is the 3rd result).   Ultimately, the post got a great deal of traffic and likely saved a great deal of time for many people wondering where to catch fireworks on the 4th.  This is content curation at it’s finest.  (If you are interested, you can check out the post here).If you are a blogger that finds yourself struggling to meet your content creation goals, or puzzled over “what to write about,”  consider leveraging content curation to expand your collection of content, your influence and your following.And if you want the full scoop on Oliver’s presentation, check out the slides from his presentation below, made available under a cc attribution.

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