Publisher Spotlight: How to Earn More via VigLink’s Referral Program

During a single day Sara Young, author of Marketing with Sara, generated over 20 referrals via VigLink’s publisher referral program — on top of the 15 referrals she’d already secured within her account. For each of these referrals, Sara will earn a 10% bonus commission on their first year of revenue, substantially increasing her revenue. We caught up with Sara to ask her how she promotes the program, and get a few pointers on how you too can earn additional revenue via the VigLink Referral Program.

About Sara Young

Sara’s story is a fun one.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, but as she finished her degree her first child was born.  Rather than enter into the electrical engineering field, she decided to work at home. At first that meant building web sites for clients, but she quickly began to build her own sites and to earn revenue via affiliate marketing.Overtime, she saw a great deal of success. Two years ago, she began to blog about it and help others interested in entering the field.Today, she is a stay-at-home mom to 7 kids (yep — you read that right), and continues to work online.

Why She Recommends VigLink

“It can be difficult and time consuming to gain acceptance to some affiliate programs,” said Sara. “So I recommend VigLink to my students as a way to quickly expand the number of merchants they receive affiliate commissions from.”When Sara recommends VigLink, she shares her unique referral URL to ensure if an account is created she’ll earn a 10% commission on the referee’s first year of sales.

Her Tips to Increase your Referral Revenue

After recommending VigLink to individual students here and there, she decided to share the service across the board.“I use VigLink and I really like the concept,” said Sara. “And I knew my students could benefit from the service as well, so it made sense to share it with them.”Here, she shares her tips for earning additional revenue via the Referral Program. (For information on how the VigLink referral program works, click here)

Tip 1: Select Several Promotion Channels

Sara decided to share her VigLink referral URL on her blog and via email.  Her recommendation for publishers interested in earning revenue via referrals is to select more than one channel to promote their URL, and select ones where they feel they have the most influence.Possible channels can include:

  • a blog
  • a forum thread
  • direct email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Other social media channels

Tip 2: Stress at Least One Benefit

“Don’t just ask friends and colleagues to sign-up, stress what they will be getting by signing-up,” says Sara.Maybe that’s ease-of-use, or the additional revenue, or even the ability to access affiliate programs you couldn’t otherwise.Tell those you are referring why VigLink is valuable and what they’ll be getting out of it if they sign-up.

Tip 3: “If I Can Do It, So Can You”

“With all my students, I tell them: If I can do it (a stay-at-home mom to 7), so can you,” said Sara. “Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t immediately work!”What are your tips for earning revenue via the VigLink Referral Program? Share them with us via email! And follow along with Sara’s marketing blog here.

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