PennyChic Saves Time with Automated Affiliation Through VigLink

Finding the right monetization methods can be tricky. Knowing how much time and effort to put into earning affiliate marketing dollars (versus spending time on developing great content) can be even more daunting. Finding a balance is key, and that’s where automated affiliation tools come in handy.

VigLink Founder and CEO Oliver Roup participated in a discussion panel at Affiliate Management Days last week in Ft. Lauderdale on the topic of Affiliate Automation Tools. The panel was well rounded. Scott Allan from LinkShare represented the perspective of a large affiliate network. Oliver Roup of VigLink and Ashish Pandey of PopShops spoke about the tools they provide and the problems those tools solve. Finally, Shauna Miller, Founder of budget-friendly fashion blog PennyChic spoke to her experience using automated affiliation tools like PopShops and VigLink.

Our friends at HasOffers caught up with Shauna after the panel. In the video below, she mentions VigLink as one of the automated affiliation tools she uses to monetize PennyChic. Using automated tools like VigLink allow her to focus less on monetization and more on publishing great, budget-friendly fashion advice for the everyday woman. She also talks about how she uses the data provided from automated affiliation tools like VigLink to maximize her earnings.

Thanks to all involved in the panel and to Affiliate Management Days for hosting!


Whitney Smith, VigLink Marketing Communications Manager



By identifying commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, VigLink automatically invigorates those terms by transforming them into revenue generating hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions.