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The Guy’s Denim Guide

The Guy’s Denim Guide

Choosing the best fitting denim is a challenge that every man must face. And while it isn’t always easy, finding that pair of jeans that fits you perfectly is always worth it in the end. So to help the process, we’re offering some much needed visual clues. Apartment Number 9  took two real dudes and had them try on several different styles of denim—and now you can see how each brand and cut fit on two completely different body types.  Check out these styles at Apartment Number 9 and now earn 18% commission on every sale.A.P.C  Petit StandardDenimAPCFABRIC BRAND + CO Rafa RawDenimFABRICMAISON MARTIN MARGIELA Dark DenimDenimMARGIELARALEIGH DENIM Nash Straight Fit DenimRALEIGH1RALEIGH DENIM Martin Slim DenimRALEIGH2

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