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Upgraded Dashboard Launched!

We’re excited to announce the release of our newly upgraded dashboard! We’ve been listening and learning about what makes you successful and are excited to relay the features that are now available to you. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Date range controls allowing you to analyze a specific time series of interest
  • Advanced filters allowing one, several, or all campaigns and products to be analyzed together
  • Interactive charts that yield visual insights along with easy data downloads for more in depth analysis

viglinkdashboardWe’ve already received positive feedback from VigLink publishers who are using the new dashboard.“VigLink’s updated dashboard gives us far more insight regarding click and revenue data. Its clear interface makes it easy to quickly get an overview of program performance and pull reporting. Not only will the new dashboard save us time, but it will also help us improve our monetization strategy,” stated Alan Fields of Windsor Peak.Beta customer, Merve Mahmutoglu of SheFinds stated, “We love that the new VigLink dashboard is easy to use to pull reports as well as to see program performance”.In sum, these new features allow you to view your performance from a combination of attributes most important to your content strategy. These insights enable you to see what is earning the most and how you can further optimize your hyperlink traffic. While you adjust to the new dashboard, we’ve opted to keep the previous version live and will be sure to notify you before we remove it from the site. This will allow you to toggle between the two while you become accustomed to  new one.Please note that with the increased amount of data in the new version of the dashboard clicks, page views, and revenue are updated once daily, so the two dashboards will look different for the current day view.See the new dashboard here!

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