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What Target’s Record Breaking Thanksgiving Online Sales Mean for You

What Target’s Record Breaking Thanksgiving Online Sales Mean for You

Target’s ecommerce sales broke records yesterday as Thanksgiving Door Busters made for a very lucrative day for the retail giant. While some analysts said that store visits across the US were down, Target saw a 35% increase of customers picking up at stores because of the online promotion. Sales were driven primarily by three items, Yahoo Finance reported. Somewhat unsurprisingly, they were the Apple watch, the Apple iPad and the Wii U gaming console.Make sure to capitalize on what’s selling this season as you put out gift guides and review items that people are excited about: what watch bands are available and who is running a great promotion? What are the best Wii U games? Are there some new top-selling apps or games that are perfect for the iPad? Or perhaps some new iPad accessories you’ve seen that would be perfect for your audience? All of this information can help buyers get even more excited about a hot item they have been waiting to purchase. Make use of all sales information that you can find to make sure your content is as successful as possible.Happy Shopping this weekend!

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Data and Trends,Holiday Resource Center,Industry News,Publisher Resources