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Black Friday Moves Online

Black Friday Moves Online

Black Friday 2015 might not have been all that retailers hoped for in their stores, but overall sales were buoyed by online purchases. The National Retail Federation (NRF), citing their annual Thanksgiving Weekend Survey, declared that the Holiday retail landscape is indeed changing with many more shoppers opting to stay home than head to stores. NRF CEO Michael Shay noted the “age-old holiday tradition of heading out to stores with family and friends is now equally matched in the new tradition of looking online for holiday savings opportunities” with the survey citing that almost 42 percent shopped exclusively online, while 52 percent shopped online, in store or a combination of the two.Retail data tracking company ShopperTrak, cited by CNBC, released Black Friday numbers on Saturday estimating “combined retail sales of $12.1 billion over Thanksgiving and Black Friday, a projected decrease from the comparable year-ago period.” Thanksgiving Day sales were just shy of $2 billion, while Black Friday 2015 pulled in more than $10 billion.However, many analysts, including the NRF, are less concerned with any slight decrease in these numbers noting that Black Friday deals start days and even weeks in advance, and shoppers are no longer concentrating their efforts on Thanksgiving and the day after. The most important numbers will be the overall Holiday Season statistics which we will only see in January. As Bloomberg noted, the NRF expects “total holiday sales to increase 3.7 percent in November and December from a year earlier. That’s a slowdown from last year’s 4.1 percent gain, but above the 2.5 percent average over the past 10 years.” With more shopping moving online, many retailers have had to shift their focus to warding off Amazon. For example: Target is offering free shipping and Wal-Mart is steering people towards as much in-store pickup as possible in order to leverage its more than 4000 retail outlets.Fill your remaining holiday content with this years most successful products – see our 2015 Holiday data here:

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