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What We’re Reading

What We’re Reading

  1. Snapchat is letting publishers Deep Link for the first time ever. This might not sound monumental BUT IT IS. Digiday put together some commentary on the news, noting that “until now, Discover publishers couldn’t link to their Snapchat pages from anywhere outside the app. With the benefit of social media promotion, they are likely to see a boost in traffic. It is similar to how YouTube creators expand their audience by sharing video links to third-party platforms.” Interesting move towards boosting traffic and eventual revenue yes, but one Digiday source says that the new partners piloting the program are not yet seeing the traffic that is overwhelming other parts of Snapchat yet.
    From Snapchat’s statement: “We are launching Snapcode deep-linking for Discover Channels, creating another way for partners to publicize their great content. Snapcodes are scannable codes that link directly to content on Snapchat.”
  2. Content winner of the week: Perelli. A tire company! YES! While the company has long been known to a certain group for its flashy calendars full of scantily clad famous models, a whole new contingent of would-be tire lovers is taking notice because this year’s calendar is filled with accomplished, sometimes fully clothed, and very well-respected women (Schumer, Williams, China’s Oprah who also happens to be a UN Goodwill Ambassador). Give the millennials what they want, tire companies! Watch the photographer everyone brings in to legitimize their star-studded projects, Annie Leibovitz, talk about her work on the calendar here. Respect.
  3. The Chan Zuckerbergs. Everything: Max, The Initiative, The Initiative’s Supporters, Questions about The Initiative, Mark x Bill, To What New York Times Readers Would Give $45B, the list goes on…!
  4. The North Face, in the continued fight for general outdoor industry relevancy, is showing off a parka that is made of fabric based on spider silk and releasing some pretty awesome content as as part of the launch. The jacket is currently making the rounds in Japan (with the cool kids) and is being lauded for its use of laboratory-produced ersatz spider silk developed by Japanese company Spiber. Not only that, but TNF published beautiful photos of the thread itself and some of the process to make the jacket (as captured by Wired). We haven’t exactly stocked up on spider-textile outdoor wear for the winter but based on the exceptional, almost Patagonia-like content push and concept behind this jacket, its going into consideration (for 2016-17, when the so-called Moon Parka is actually released, sigh). Plus, it might rain in SF this week and its been quite chilly. Reason enough.
  5. In the latest episode of Jason Fried keeping it real for startups everywhere, this.
  6. What messes with your ability to make choices? The Visual Everything gives us 20 Cognitive Biases to be aware of when we make decisions.
  7. UPDATE: Bob Ross (that is all)
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